Young Adults at FPC

We want to gather together in different aspects to create a community together.

FPC Youth Group

As Young Adults begin their professional and personal journey, it becomes far too easy to find other things to do than stay connected with a church community. At First Presbyterian, our Young Adult Ministry—The Gathering—is designed to be approachable and engaging to men and women aged 18 to their early 30s.


Once a month we go to brunch after church; all are welcomed and if needed childcare is available. This gives us time to connect after service and just enjoy each others’ company at a nearby restaurant.

We also join in on FPC outreach programs such as Showers of Love and Loaves and Fishes knowing that our helping hands can do more when we all work together.

Gathering together also means community-wide events such as Downtown at Sundown, and Worship Night Concert Series— because live music is always a good idea!

Check out our calendar for more Young Adults events you can attend!


Dianne York is our Young Adult Coordinator! Feel free to get to know her if you're interested in learning more about us: