First Presbyterian Church Bicentennial Capital Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions: Loaves and Fishes / AOC
  • Q: What if Loaves and Fishes does not want to relocate?

    A: Our conversations with the board of L&F, the Executive Director and other key stakeholders in L&F began more than a year ago. Our proposal to assist with fundraising to make such a move possible was met with approval and excitement. The board took official action to accept our proposal and we have worked side-by-side ever since to develop plans. The board of L&F views this as an opportunity to expand their ministry and improve service to the hungry in Clarksville.

  • Q: When will Loaves and Fishes relocate?

    A: By January 2021, which will give us a year to complete the renovations prior to the year-long Bicentennial Celebration.

  • Q: Where will Loaves and Fishes relocate?

    A: The board of L&F is actively seeking a new location. At this time, they are considering property that is being offered by both the city and county governments. They are also evaluating properties offered by individuals.

  • Q: Is $750,000 enough for Loaves and Fishes to relocate?

    A: Simply put, no! Our gift is an important initial, foundational component in a much larger campaign. L&F will approach other churches, civic groups, businesses, and individuals to raise additional funds through a capital campaign of their own, with a likely goal of $2.5 million.

  • Q: Does this mean that First Presbyterian Church will stop supporting Loaves and Fishes?

    A: Absolutely not! Jesus fed the hungry and so must we. Members of FPC will continue to regularly volunteer to cook, serve, and support this vital ministry to the hungry in our community. Our giving, which was largely unseen because it was indirect (the cost of electricity and other AOC maintenance, repair, and operational costs), will now be visible, direct and annually budgeted missions support.

  • Q: What will happen to the Service Committee?

    A: The Service Committee will continue to be a vital ministry of our congregation; however, the relocation of L&F may provide an opportunity to relocate the work of our Service Committee to the new facility. Our PLAN Legal Clinic serves clients of the Service Committee as well as the soup kitchen. We hope the clinic will also be located in the new L&F facilities. In fact, we anticipate that the relocation of L&F may provide several Clarksville not-for-profit groups the opportunity to create a centralized location where all the agencies who serve those in need can cooperate to offer the real hope of lives transformed. Imagine a place where those of great need in our community could access a hot meal and other services. Imagine a one-stop shop for medical and dental clinics, clothing, housing, legal services, life skills education, job training, internships, employment search, employment opportunities (as kitchen workers, food distributors, custodial, maintenance, security, and the like), childcare, full time social worker, counseling, and the like.

  • Q: What will happen to Room in the Inn?

    A: We will continue to be actively involved in local missions of many types. Without the constraints of heavy use of the AOC facility by Loaves and Fishes, we may be able to expand use for other mission activities, especially those like Room in the Inn, which provide opportunity for APSU Chi Alpha students to be involved in mission.

  • Please click on the following links to view the architectural drawings of the new Loaves and Fishes facility.