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Phase 2 Information

The Property Committee and Session have identified the aging sanctuary lighting system as an area of crucial priority for capital improvement. The electronic panel that controls the whole system is no longer available from the manufacturer and replacement parts, available only on the resale market (think Ebay), are becoming scarce. It is considered advisable to upgrade the fixtures and the lights to a contemporary system while we are replacing the control panel before we are faced with the potential failure of the whole system.

We have engaged a lighting engineer to recommend and design a new lighting system. In addition to replacing and upgrading the existing lighting system, the Session seeks to add up-lighting to enhance the beauty of the sanctuary for the Bicentennial by highlighting the beautiful woodwork of the sanctuary beams and ceiling panels. The costs below are estimates. The project would be subject to competitive bids by electrical contractors.

Project Cost:

$250,000 – complete replacement and upgrade of the existing control panel, fixtures, and lights. (Note: the historic chandeliers are not being replaced) $50,000 – addition of up-lighting for the ornate ceiling woodwork

As Loaves and Fishes has now vacated the upper level of the AOC, we can renovate the existing space for new programs (the following list is suggestive, not exhaustive of the programs Session is considering):

Adult Day and Special Needs Out – providing a respite up to two-three days a week for caregivers, with activities and entertainment designed for older adults and for persons with special needs. School Resource Center – providing supplemental resources for parents and children who home school or attend virtual classes, for supplemental individual and small group instruction and enrichment, including physical education in the gym. Before and After School Care – for the convenience of Preschool and Learning Center parents and students, and others as space allows.

Project Cost:

Note: The costs below are estimates. The project costs will depend greatly on how much can be accomplished by volunteers, and the project can be implemented in stages over several years.

$10,000 – Downstairs. Addition of some electrical outlets and conversion of some existing spaces for classroom use.

$100,000 – Restrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, and L&F Storage Areas

$190,000 – Exterior (Deck, Pergola, Entrance Canopy and Doors, New Window)

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